Founder of a younger skin - an anti aging blog and natural beauty blog

Hi, I’m Ann, and this natural beauty blog of mine is about my biggest passion: Skin care and anti aging!

My intention is to help you prevent signs of aging, improve your skin quality, and bring out more of your natural beauty.

For some years now I’ve been kind of obsessed with all that has to do with skin health.  And after seeing a huge effect on myself, I’ve become even more dedicated.

Not saying I have the perfect skin. But I do surprise people I meet when I say how old I am. And I get questions almost daily about my “forever young”- secrets.

Since I’m pretty convinced that my methods are working and that my hobby has paid off, I want to share the knowledge and experience I have about this amazing organ. Hope you’ll enjoy!

My background

Born and raised in Sweden, with a Bachelor of Science in nutrition.

With my interest in anti aging, I’ve found that there is quite a lot of science around this topic and factors that affect the health of your skin.

I’ve spent endless time researching what food to eat (and what to avoid). What supplements to add on to your diet. And what products to use topically in order to keep the skin as healthy, young, smooth, and wrinkle-free as possible.

I’ve learned a lot, and I’ll keep on learning!

This anti aging blog in short

My purpose with this anti aging blog is to inspire and guide you on how to get healthier and younger-looking skin. With the right choices, you can slow down the process of aging and to some degree even reverse signs of aging.

I’ll write about skincare products and facial treatments, lifestyle changes, and what diet to eat in order to keep your skin in the best possible shape.

Some advice will be well-known already (but worth repeating and clarifying) and some will probably be new knowledge that you’re gonna thank me hugely for later!  

Why I’ve chosen to do a Natural Beauty Blog

So why have I chosen to have a natural beauty blog when there are so many other anti-aging methods out there? And what exactly do I mean with natural beauty?

Well, first of all. I know looks aren’t the most important thing in life. But I also know what difference appearance can make when it comes to confidence and well-being.

One main reason why I’m starting this blog is that I see a depressing trend in the increasing usage of injections and plastic surgery. I think it’s sad and unnecessary. Since there are so many things you can do to prevent and delay aging in a natural way.

Not saying there is a right or wrong and we all have different beliefs. But personally, I believe that true self-esteem comes from being yourself, in your own true skin, and with your own natural beauty.

Therefore I will never alter my own looks with botox, fillers, or cosmetic surgery. Nor recommend those methods. Instead, I will continue to use preventive and natural methods to keep my skin as elastic, smooth, and healthy as possible.

I want to age slowly, but with grace. I want to look at myself in the mirror and be proud, always knowing that what I see is truly me. My goal is to help and inspire others to do the same because I think we all deserve to feel and look our best, naturally.

Another aspect of the natural beauty blog approach is safety. I have an in-depth post about all the aging long term effects of using Botox. And another post about the risks and side effects of using fillers.  I recommend you check them out in order to make a well-considered decision.

Join the ride!

I hope you want to follow along with this anti aging journey. By truly taking care of your skin you will also take control of how you’ll age and look in the future years (this blog post will explain more).

My natural beauty blog is here to guide you step by step.

The best start is to read about the three most crucial rules to prevent wrinkles , the best anti-aging sunscreen, and the foods that can help tighten skin.

Let me know if you have any questions and make sure you sign up for my email list in order to get notifications when a new blog post is up.

Also, remember that regardless of your age, how you care for your skin today will determine how your skin will look in the future. Being proactive will always pay off, a lot!



Natural beauty blog and anti aging blog author smiling with a natural face.