The anti aging facial that truly delivers [5 ways Microcurrent therapy devices turns back the clock]

The anti aging facial that truly delivers [5 ways Microcurrent therapy devices turns back the clock]

Want to know the only (top-notch) anti aging facial that I nowadays lay money and time on? Well, it is called microcurrent therapy, and has been a true game changer for my skin.

This kind of treatment works in so many ways. It lifts, it tones, it heals, it reduces acne. And is completely natural. Personally, I’ll never ever stop using microcurrent on my face!

This post will explain how this treatment can make your skin younger and healthier. And also, what microcurrent therapy devices I use myself.

This is what I will cover. And you can jump to any part of the post by clicking on the headlines below.

Let’s get started with teaching you all you need to know about this powerful anti aging facial.

What is microcurrent therapy?

Let’s briefly give you some background facts about this technology.

  • Microcurrent is a super low-level current that imitates our body’s own natural bio electrical activity. With microcurrent therapy, we can stimulate our skin cells and muscle cells. By sending these soft and very gentle currents down our tissues.
  • Microcurrent therapy is also known as MENS-therapy (microcurrent electrical neuromuscular stimulation). But should not be confused with TENS-therapy (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). Microcurrent uses micro amperage current, which is a thousand times smaller than the milliamp that TENS uses.  
  • Microcurrent therapy can be used as anti aging facial treatments for stimulation of our facial muscles and rejuvenation of our skin. 
  • It can also be used for pain management and for injuries. And it has actually been used by medical doctors since the 1970s for pain relief as well as on patients with paralysis conditions in the face such as Bell’s palsy. 
  • True microcurrent does not feel anything or very little. And it should not cause any contraction of the muscle. It will still efficiently stimulate and re-educate the muscle to resume the plump appearance it once had. 
  • Microcurrent increases the stimulation of ATP (I’ll come back to this later) in the cells which in turn increases the synthesis of proteins. It also increases blood flow which leads to better exchange of oxygen, antioxidants, and other nutrients to the cells.  

Now let’s go over to what this treatment can do for your skin and face specifically. 

Microcurrent facial benefits – 5 ways it makes you younger

Microcurrent works in many different ways to improve and youthify your skin. And the major reason this is happening is due to the increased ATP concentration that microcurrent brings on. 

ATP (Adenosince 5’-triphospate)  is a molecule that stores and transfers energy in our cells. And is used for all cellular activities. 

Increased ATP concentration will in turn increase uptake of amino acids and synthesis of the skin building proteins collagen and protein. 

This increased ATP also energizes the facial muscles. In a similar way to how exercise energizes the muscles of our bodies. 

As we get older, the concentration of ATP begins to fall. Meaning the cells lose their full potential. This reduces the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin. As well as the energy within the muscle cell that is needed for them to remain firm and plump. 

With that short explanation of ATP. Let’s divide this section into 5 main outcomes of using microcurrent therapy as an anti aging facial treatment.

1) It restores volume in your face and reduces sagginess

We have 43 muscles in our faces and microcurrent stimulates and trains them. Which makes them stronger and fuller and will plump your face. This counteracts any volume loss you may experience.

In my two recent posts about nasolabial folds, jowls, and marionette lines, I talk a lot about how volume loss is the big cause of these matters. So if you are concerned about saggy skin, and the specific nasolabial folds, jowls and marionette lines that come with it. Then definitely give microcurrent a try. 

Also, check out these posts for more specific advice regarding them each. 

Something to also understand is that when it comes to your face, your skin is directly connected to the facial muscles. What this means is that stimulating and training your muscles will not just restore volume. But also lift and tighten your skin. As a sort of natural facelift.

2) It increases the production of collagen and elastin

As mentioned above, increased ATP will increase proteins in the cells. And for the skin cells, this means more collagen and elastin.

What this means is that with time, microcurrent improves the structure of your skin and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

3) It increases blood flow and improves lymphatic drainage

Just like a massage, microcurrent therapy will also increase blood flow and aid with lymphatic drainage. This will give you an instant and radiant glow and reduce puffiness. As well as improve your overall skin health by improving delivery of nutrients, antioxidants, and oxygen to your skin cells.

This helps even more with fighting the aging process and reducing the harm from free radicals that we are exposed to daily. 

3) It helps with healing the skin and to fight acne

Thanks to the increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients that microcurrent brings on. It also helps to speed up healing. 

And on top of that it helps to eliminate bad bacteria, both topically and internally. This is because the extra oxygen that is delivered to the skin cells, makes it more difficult for the acne causing bacteria to survive. 

5) It helps strengthen your ligaments.

I mentioned this in my previous post too when discussing saggy skin (nasolabial folds, jowls, and marionette lines). Because weakened ligaments are a contributing factor. 

Gladly, since microcurrent help with energizing all cells and has a positive effect on healing. It actually helps strengthen those ligaments and prevent further sagginess. 

In short. By using microcurrent you will counteract saggy skin by restoring volume and tighten your skin. You will also increase the production of collagen and elastin for long term effects on wrinkles and fine lines. And on top of that, you get a radiant glow, less acne, and better skin health in general.

A bonus effect of using microcurrent on your skin is that it increases the uptake of any skincare serum you might use underneath the conductive gel.

Microcurrent therapy benefits as anti aging facial
Some of the benefits with using microcurrent therapy devices as an anti aging facial.

Microcurrent therapy devices at home or salon treatments?

Microcurrent treatment can be offered as a powerful anti aging facial at certain salons. But you also have the option to do home treatments by buying your own microcurrent therapy device.

Question is, which option is the best? And how are they different?

For me, personally, I just go with the home devices. Since I simply do not have any salons where I live that offer this kind of treatment. 

I do have three different microcurrent therapy devices that I alternate between. I will come back to that in the next section. And I would say they all provide effective anti aging facials and long term results if used regularly. 

Here are what I consider to be the pros and cons of using either microcurrent therapy devices on yourself. Or going to a salon or clinic for a professional anti aging facial with microcurrent. 

Salon treatments with microcurrent 


  • Stronger machines (usually) 
  • Many different programs (usually) 
  • Fast results


  • Expensive
  • Not available everywhere or at times that suit you
  • Hard to be consistent. And just as with training you have to be consistent for long term results.

Microcurrent therapy devices for home treatments


  • A lot less expensive than the salon treatments
  • Easy to use on yourself
  • Easy to be consistent
  • Gives great result especially over time
  • Available for everyone


  • Takes time and practice
  • Gels can be expensive and messy
  • Not as strong as the salon treatments so takes longer time to get results.

As I said I only use home devices myself. And I love how they make my skin tighter and more glowy. I also love the fact that they keep my production of collagen and elastin high since I can do the treatment regularly. 

My microcurrent therapy devices I use at home as anti aging facials.
The microcurrent therapy devices I use at home as anti aging facials. The Nuface, The Ziip, and the Myolift mini. They all have their own unique features that I really love.

Now if you happen to do have a salon in your area that gives this type of anti aging facial And that has good credentials. Then I would say go for both (if you can afford it).

Definitely have a home device for consistency and to have a steady increased concentration of ATP. But do a salon treatment every once in a while. 

Before you do go to any salon though. I truly recommend you research the therapist/doctor and reviews they are having. 

If you want to order your own microcurrent therapy device as I did. Then the next section will be all about the ones I use myself. 

What is the best microcurrent device? Nuface vs Ziip vs Myolift

So let’s talk about specific microcurrent devices to use at home. And more precisely, the three devices that are most known and talked about. Nuface, Ziip, and Myolift mini. 

In short, I think they are all fantastic. And at the same time, they are all different. They all have at least one feature that I like so much that I cannot stop using it. In other words, yes I use them all. 

But since I do not do any salon treatments I decided to do the best I could with these instead.

I do not think you need all of them. But if you have certain issues that you want to address, some of them might be better than the others.

I will now explain about them each. What I like about them, how I use them, and what makes them unique in my opinion. That way you can decide for yourself which microcurrent device is best for you and your concerns. 

*Please note, this post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you purchase through any of those links. It doesn’t cost you any extra and I only recommend products I truly love and use myself. You can read my full disclosure here.  


This is the device I started with. Mostly because I had heard a lot of great things about it. It looked extremely easy to use. And since they offered a money-back guarantee for satisfaction. So I really had nothing to lose. 

And yes, I did notice an effect on firmness and glowiness right after the first treatment. I could feel this was good for my skin so I ordered their attachment called ELE shortly thereafter. 

Me using Nuface trinity microcurrent therapy device on my cheek muscles
My first microcurrent therapy device to try out was Nuface Trinity. It’s super easy to use and I noticed an instant firmness and glowiness from the first time.

The Nuface device itself is called Trinity and is small enough to be held in one hand. It has two quite large probes that you slide over your skin. And you can work with more advanced techniques too. Where you lift and hold the muscles with the probes. All explained in detail with their instructions and their youtube videos. 

The Ele attachment is meant to be used around the eyes and lip area. It has much smaller probes in order to target those small muscles very efficiently. 

I have noticed a huge improvement in my under-eye puffiness and hooded eyes that I get very easily (If I have a bad night’s sleep my eyes will tell for days).

To be honest the ELE attachment works better than any other microcurrent device I’ve tried for targeting my eye area. So due to that, I will simply keep using it forever.

Me using Nuface trinity plus ELE on the under eye area.
Of all the microcurrent therapy devices I’ve tried, the nuface + its ELE attachment is what gives the best result on my eye area.

To be honest, I also think that Nuface Trinity is the device that gives best immediate sculping of my face and tightening of my skin. Probably becuase it is so easy to use effeciently.

So are there any negative things to say about Nuface? Well unfortunately my device stopped working after about a month. But there was no problem with getting a new one sent to me right away. And that one has worked perfectly.

The Nucafe is also limited to one program with one set of waveforms (frequency). So what does that mean?

Well, different shapes of the microcurrent waves will target different conditions. And I will explain this more when I talk about the other machines that offer programs with some other waveforms.

I would still, due to the immediate effects I am seeing on myself, chose Nuface over the others if I would have to choose one. 

AND again, their ELE attachment is such a huge game-changer for me that I will just never stop using it, no matter what. 

For the best price and customer service (and of course with the money-back guarantee included), I recommend Dermstore. Which you find on this link.

If you live anywhere in Europe I recommend a store called Cultbeauty. And you find them on this link. They are super fast with shipping and they also give you free shipping in the whole of Europe. And of course, with Nuface money-back guarantee included.

Nuface trinity microcurrent therapy device with Ele
Nuface trinity device with ELE attachment on.


Ziip was the second microcurrent device I bought. And I was curious because it was said to have a lot of different programs (with different waveforms). All for different concerns. Such as pigmentation, acne, and a program solely for lymphatic drainage. 

Ziip also says they mix their microcurrent with nanocurrent. Which they mean are even more effective in creating ATP and give long term results. I could not find any real proof of that when it comes to studies, but I still got interested in this device. 

Me using ziip microcurrent therapy device
Me working on the lymph and lift program with my Ziip beauty device.

The device is small, smaller than the Nuface, and can easily be held by one hand. It also looks and feels a lot more exclusive.

The golden gel that comes with it is amazing! I actually love it so much that I use it with my Nuface device as well.

The different programs are fun to try and easy to change with the help of their app that you connect to your device. Very high-tech, yet simple.

So how effective is it? Well for me personally, there are especially three programs I love extremely much. So much that I cannot imagine a life without this device.

The first is a program that targets acne, and all kinds of impurities. And since I every once in awhile react to something I eat or put on my skin. Especially during that time of the month. This program has been a life-changer.  Because I just don’t get a small pimple. I usually get a cystic one that can leave a scar and takes forever to heal.

By using this program with my ziip it speeds everything up and sometimes as fast as 24 hours. That is incredible! Since I get stubborn red marks very easily from acne, this is a keeper for me. It has saved my skin a lot. 

The second program I truly love is their Lymph and Lift programme. It is using waveforms that specifically targets the lymphatic drainage. And even though all microcurrent aids with this process. This program uses waveforms extremely effective for this concern. And works great for any puffiness from bad sleep etc.

There is also a third program I alternate with. And that is specifically targeting sensitive skin with a very healing effect. I usually use it after the lymph program for some extra ATP-production, and to soothe my sensitive skin. I think I get an amazing glow and I also notice an increased firmness after these two. 

The have so many other programs. For example “Vital-eyes” that targets the eye area (or lips if you want to plump the lips).

What is also interesting with the Ziip is that the company keeps creating new programs and the app will continue to be updated.

One downside with the device that is worth mentioning is that you have to be careful because it can get very slippery. And can break easily too. This has happened to be as I dropped it a few times too much on the floor. I can still use it thankfully (but it is not recommended). So just be careful with it!

Close up on ziip microcurrent therapy device
Here is a close up of my Ziip nano- and microcurrent therapy device. I have dropped it too many times which you might see.

The Ziip is a bit more expensive than the other two. I personally think it’s worth the extra cost due to all the different programs and waveforms. But not everyone may need those extra programmes.

If you want to check out the current price and reviews you can find the device on Cultbeauty by using this link. You will come straight to the US site or the European site, depending on where you live. And this store offers free worldwide shipping.


This is my latest and most advanced microcurrent therapy device. And it is as close to a professional one you can come, in your own home.

The company (7Ewellness) also has even more advanced machines to be used at salons only. 

Myolift mini microcurrent therapy device
Myolift mini microcurrent therapy device

Myolift mini has two handles with two probes on each. Making it possible to pinch any muscles of your face and hold for very targeted microcurrent treatment.

This device also come in two different programs. One is for educating/training your muscles. And the other one is actually for relaxing them.

Since some muscles can be very tense and therefore benefit from this type of stretch. And with that, the company means that lines that are occurring from tense muscles can be improved with this “erase program”.

Myolift mini is also adjustable with the intensity. From 175 microampere all the way up to 400 microampere.

A downside with myolift is that it takes some time to learn the technique. But there are plenty of youtube videos for that.

It is also much larger than the other two and needs your both hands to perform a treatment. Personally I just think it’s fun, but I understand not everyone finds the same amusement of having to deal with the long cords and messy probes. 

If you are going to buy myolift mini do understand it takes an initial investment in time to learn how to do this treatment efficiently. You find more info about Myolift on this link.

Summary – why microcurrent is the best anti aging facial I’ve ever tried

So here is the short recap of what this post is all about. I personally find that microcurrent therapy is the most exciting anti aging facial out there. Because it does so much to your skin. And you can see an improvement even after the first treatment. 

Some of the most important benefits of using this kind of anti aging facial is this:

  • Microcurrent enhances cellular activity (by increasing ATP). This in turn leads to increased production of both collagen and elastin. Making the skin firmer and smoother.
  • Microcurrent stimulates and trains your muscles to restore volume and plumpness. Which in turn tightens your skin and prevents/reduces sagginess of your skin. 
  • Microcurrent improves circulation and skin health in general. And gives a radiant glow thanks to the improved blood flow.
  • Microcurrent improves delivery of oxygen and important nutrients and antioxidants to the skin cells. Which reduces the breakdown of collagen and elastin.
  • Microcurrent helps fight acne bacteria due to the extra oxygen that it delivers to the cells.

You can either find a good salon in your area that provides this kind of treatment. Or you can do what I did. Buy your own microcurrent therapy devices and use them on yourself in the comfort of your home.

I have the Nuface trinity (with ELE attachment), the Ziip, and the Myolift mini. And there are pros and cons to all of them.

I suggest you start with the Nuface if you are all new to this kind of treatment. Since I find that device to be the most simple one to use.

You also get a money-back guarantee with The Nuface so you can try it out risk-free. This is something the other microcurrent therapy devices don’t offer.

I think Microcurrent therapy is an amazing treatment and a much much better option to stay youthful, than using the fictitious botox and fillers. Microcurrent makes your skin younger in so many ways. Simply by giving the cells what they need to do the work.

Hope you liked this post! And as always, let me know in the comments if you have any questions regarding this topic or the specific microcurrent therapy devices I use. And if you’ve tried this treatment already, please share your experience 🙂

Until next time, love your skin!

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  1. Lindsey

    Your skin looks amazing!! I’ve been looking to invest in one of these devices. Your post is so informative. Thanks so much. Because you own all three, how often do you use each? Do you use them all on different days? Do they cancel each other’s effect? Sorry for all the questions but you seem so knowledgeable and you must know what you’re doing because you look gorgeous.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Ann

      Thank you so much for your comment Lindsey! 🙂 Happy to clarify how and how often I use them 🙂

      It actually depends and I have no strict routine. But I use Nuface and Ziip a lot more often than Myolift. Since these two are so much easier and faster to use (like anywhere from a few minutes to a 20 min treatment)

      I love the Ziip’s lymph program so much that I use it at least every second day (it takes only 7 minutes). Either by itself or at the same time as I use any of the others. I also use Nuface eye attachment (ELE) at least every second day because that one is also amazing for the eye area. And takes only a few minutes as well.

      I use the Nuface with its regular attachment quite often too. Usually every second day as well. And I work all my entire face and neck with it. I like to spend a bit more time with that one.

      I use myolift once a week or every 10 days. And that day I do not use the Nuface. Myolift takes longer time.

      I also do my treatments in the morning. Since I like the extra glow they give me throughout the day 🙂

      So yes, I combine them. Especially ziip and nuface. And I use them in the same session (except for myolift). They do not cancel each other’s out. Rather the opposite 🙂

      Also, I always make sure to have at least one day of the week free from any microcurrent.

      I have also recently started to spray on thermal water for extra conductivity, while I’m doing the treatments. Then I do not need as much gel. The thermal spring water has lots of minerals that enhance conductivity. So just a tip 🙂

      Hope this helps and happy to answer any more questions! 🙂

      Thanks again for your sweet comments!

  2. JustReadingJess

    Very interesting. I don’t think this is right for me because I am very lazy with my beauty routine but will mention it to my friends.

    1. Ann

      Thank you Jess 🙂

  3. Therese

    I’ve never heard of this before. I’m going to look into this more. I’ve just started prioritizing my skin about 6-8 months ago and it’s amazing the changes I’ve seen. Will need to learn about this too. Your skin looks great!

    1. Ann

      Thank you so much Therese! Glad to hear you are prioritizing your skin now 😀

  4. sofia

    great information. I’m 40 too and a beauty therapist. but believe it or not, use very minimal things… I’m scared of them lol. but this was an interesting read!

    1. Ann

      Glad to hear that Sofia! I am just the same 🙂 You will love microcurrent if you give it a try. Since it is completely natural and effective at the same time.

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