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Need of skin consultation? [Personal coaching for 3 months]

After many requests, I now offer private skin consultations. This is a thorough program for those of you who want a personal coach to improve your skin long term.

In this post, I’ll explain in detail what the skin consultation program covers. And for whom it is suitable.

Before I get started I do want to point out that you’ll find a lot of information, all for free, on this blog. And I constantly keep adding more articles on skincare and how to slow down the pace of aging. So if you’re new to my blog, please browse around by searching the topics that appeal to you.

With that said. This is what you need to know about my private skin consultation program.

  • Who is my skin consultation for?
  • What exactly is included in the program?
  • What does it cost and how to get started?

Who is my skin consultation for?

This package is for those of you who want a personal and tailored plan for improving your skin. Including not just product recommendations. But also a thorough review of your diet and lifestyle. And help with adjustments as needed.

Whether you are struggling with acne, sensitive skin, premature aging, or just want to be preventative and improve the health and glow of your skin. This can be a great solution for you.

Just remember that you find a lot of information for free in this blog. See this program as a personal trainer. When you need that extra dedication and personal adjustments.

Also remember that if you have dermatitis, severe acne, moles, deep scars, or skin infections, you need to seek a dermatologist. My skin consultation program is not intended to treat any skin diseases or disorders, and I am not a dermatologist.

Instead, my goal is to help you achieve healthier, more glowing, and more youthful skin with long-term results.

Skin consultation with the founder of A Younger skin. If you want a personal trainer for your improving your skin.
This post explians what my skin consultation includes and for whom it’s aimed for.

What exactly is included in the program?

First of all, it includes a review of your concerns and skin issues. A review of your skin care products. And product recommendations suited for your skin type.

Secondly, I will do a throughout review of your diet habits. And give recommendations of adjustments when needed. To make sure you get the perfect intake of essential fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and the skin critical micronutrients called the carotenoids. All crucial to keep the skin in the best shape possible.

Thirdly, we’ll go through other lifestyle factors that are affecting your skin. As well as treatment options, and whatever questions you may have.

The skin is a huge organ (actually the largest one we have in our bodies). And it needs to be taken care of from the inside just as much as from the outside. 

Since the skin takes time to improve. And since it also takes time and dedication to adjust diet- and lifestyle habits. This skin consultation program will include three months of follow up coaching over email. You will be able to send me unlimited questions during this time.

What does it cost and how to get started?

The cost for the whole program is $299. And once you’ve made the purchase (on this link) I will send you a throughout questionnaire that you need to fill in and return to me. You’ll also get instructions on how to monitor your food intake and how to send it to me.

Once you have this information to get started, we’ll set up a date for our virtual skin consultation. And take the rest from there depending on your individual needs and skin concerns.

You order via this link. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, love your skin!

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  1. Never thought of skin consultation before and this concept is quite new to me! I love the fact that you include diet tips as well! Will share with my friends, great info!

    1. Ann

      Thank you so much Hannah! 🙂

  2. Mae

    What a brilliant service! Skin consultation plus diet review is absolutely amazing! I never had those two intertwined before.

    1. Ann

      Thank you so much for your comment Mae 🙂

  3. What an excellent service! A skin consultation that includes reviewing diet is so necessary for getting to the core of the issues. Thanks for all of the great info!

    1. Ann

      Thank you so much Lisa! 🙂

  4. Ana

    Great personalized service! You offer a wealth of information on your site. With your extensive personal knowledge of nutrition and skin care, your consultations would be very insightful. I’ll share your program with friends.

    1. Ann

      Thank you so much Ana! 🙂

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