These are the reasons I would never do dermal fillers myself. Or recommend it to anyone else.

Besides the risk of bruising, swelling, pain and nodules.

Dermal fillers have some more serious long term side effects.

Over time, dermal fillers can stretch out your skin, and age you faster.  A phenomena called Filler Fatigue. 

Dermal fillers (made of Hyaluronic acid) has also been shown to move to other areas.

For example lip fillers usually move up the area under your nose. Causing the look of a duck bill.

And cheek fillers can move to the area under your eye. Causing under eye bags.

Also, many doctors still don't know that temporary fillers stays a lot longer than what has been believed. Instead of 6-12 months they actually stay (but move) for up to 10y and longer.

Personally, I recommend natural beauty methods