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ZIIP vs Nuface review [which one is actually best?]

Let’s talk about my precious microcurrent devices again. And this time compare ZIIP vs Nuface. Two beauty gadgets I have been using for over two years now for firming, toning, and sculpting.

These are both extremely easy to use and incorporate into your daily (or weekly) skincare routine. And since I have both, I often get questions about which one is best. In this post, I will try to answer that in detail.

I will compare their features, the results they give me, how much they cost, how I use them, and which one I use the most.

This is what I’ll cover:

Update! The ZIIP device has recently been updated with several new amazing programs that have made me stop using my Nuface completely. I will tell you more about that throughout the post.

*Please note, this post contains affiliate links, and I may receive a small commission if you purchase through any of those links. It doesn’t cost you any extra and I only recommend products I truly love and use myself. You can read my full disclosure here.  

ZIIP vs Nuface – the basics

Here are the basics of these two devices.

  • Both ZIIP and Nuface are FDA cleared as safe devices for microcurrent treatments.
  • The ZIIP strength goes up to 400 microamps depending on the program that is used (It has 14 different programs).
  • The Nuface strength goes up to 335 microamps and has 1 program only.
  • ZIIP uses different frequencies for different programs.
  • Nuface has only one fixed frequency.
  • ZIIP has a two-year warranty.
  • Nuface only has a 1-year warranty. But they also have a 60 days money-back guarantee to ensure you get satisfied with your purchase.

Both devices use microcurrent technology to train your facial muscles, lift, tone, and improve skin quality over time. I’m not gonna go into more details about the technology itself in this post. Since I did that in my previous post about microcurrent.

I encourage you to read that post if you want to learn more about this technology itself.

The ZIIP differs from all the other microcurrent devices in that it also includes nanocurrent.

What they look like

Nuface Trinity has a replaceable head. So you can either use the large probes (for the most part of your face). Or change to the so-called ELE attachment, which is suited for the eye- and lip area (it also has a red light/infrared attachment that I have not tried).

Nuface Trinity
This is what my Nuface looks like. Two replaceable heads with either large probes or smaller ones.

Nuface also has a version called Nuface mini. It works just as the Trinity but without a replaceable head.

The ZIIP comes in one size and form, but with a lot of different programs (which I’ll get back to). It also comes in two different colors (see next section).

ZIIP Beauty device - close up.


There are two editions of the ZIIP. The ZIIP GX (with a golden strap on the side) and ZIIP OX (with a silver strap on the side).

But do not get confused because they work exactly the same and both give you access to all 14 treatments via the ZIIP app.

When you buy your device the ZIIP GX comes with the conductive gel called the Golden gel. And the ZIIP OX comes with another gel called Crystal gel.

Tip: This post will explain more about conductivity gels for microcurrent. And I why I don’t use the Nuface gel.

Ziip vs Nuface - which is the best microcurrent device?
ZIIP vs Nuface – This post is all about these two microcurrent devices, and which I prefer to use the most.

How they function

Nuface has one frequency of waveforms (meaning how many times per second the electrical current travels through your skin). And this frequency is aimed to target your muscles.

ZIIP has a plethora of different waveforms in order to target many kinds of concerns. For example, they use lower frequencies to stimulate muscles (lifting and sculpting). As well as higher frequencies to increase circulation and plumping in the skin itself. And in most of their programs, they mix these together.

As mentioned, ZIIP also incorporates nanocurrent. Which is a current even more low level than microcurrent. 

The company claims that nanocurrent results are even more effective and long-lasting (compared to microcurrent). And that it is so gentle that even the most sensitive skin types will respond well. I’ll get back to this under the next section.

My ZIIP treatments vs my Nuface treatments

Let’s compare how it’s meant to use these different devices. And how I prefer to use them personally.

I will start with the ZIIP, which is my favorite, and also has the most comprehensive treatment options.

How to use ZIIP

The ZIIP device has one button only, which turns it on and shuts it off. Simple as that. 

But it also has an app that you need to download and connect to your device. This app contains 14 different programs that you can use. All with different sets of waveforms and strengths. To target a variety of needs and concerns.

The programs are between 2-14 minutes long depending on what you want to do. And you can combine them for longer treatments as well.

You can choose between programs that target the eye area, the jowls, the brows, the forehead, and problem areas (acne or hyperpigmentation). Or you can choose to work on contouring, lymphatic drainage, plumping the skin, or longer treatments that include a bunch of all these things. You also have one program that only uses nanocurrent for amazing glow, healing, and long-lasting cumulative results on the skin.

Every program has a specific movement pattern, and you can follow along with the very detailed instructions videos that are included in the app. 

I would also say that ZIIP is very well suited for treating the lips and the area around them. See my post about smokers lines to learn more about the kind of wrinkles that can form above your upper lip.

How I personally use my ZIIP

I have been using my ZIIP now for almost two years. And I must say I am amazed by what it is capable of.

To have this arsenal of treatment options feels so luxurious. And it sure makes it a lot more fun to use my ZIIP than any other microcurrent device.

I love to combine the programs. In the beginning, I did about 15-20 minutes per session. But now I love to do even longer series of different treatments. So I now do at least 20 minutes (if I’m in a hurry) and all the way up to 40 min.

And if I do the longer (40min) session, I always let my skin rest the day after.

My favorite programs

My favorite programs are the one for the jowls, the eyes, contouring, and the one that only uses nanocurrent (called founder’s favorite). But I like to combine with some of the others every once in a while.

I am most impressed with the program called Jowls since it gave such a drastic result on that area. And the corners of my mouth changed completely to up instead of down.

Treatment routine with the ZIIP.
Here I am daubed with the golden gel, and doing my ZIIP treatments. I love lifting my eyebrow to reduce my hooded eyes. And I truly love to plump and lift my cheeks. Wich gives great results on nasolabial folds as well as marionette lines.

In the beginning, I followed all the instructions carefully. Since there are different movement patterns for different programs. But nowadays (when I feel confident in how the different programs work) I like to freestyle with some of the programs.

I have also learned a trick from the company itself. And that is to use the Eye program to plump your lips. If you use the device over your lips (with the Eyes program turned on) you will see an incredible plumping effect that will last for at least 4 hours. For me, it lasts a whole day.

I also want to mention that when I used to have occasional outbreaks, the program called Problem Solver was fantastic!

Nowadays I hardly ever get outbreaks anymore thanks to finding my triggers (see this post to learn more). But if you are struggling with outbreaks of any kind this will be a great help.

Lastly, I want to mention how effective I have found this device to be on lifting the lower part of the face (aka jowls). In my post about jowls and marionette lines, I explain more about this concern, and how microcurrent can help.

Definitely try the program called Jowls if this is something that troubles you.

 How often to use ZIIP 

The company recommends you use your ZIIP 3 times per week and no more than 6 times per week. With the exception of the Pigment and Total clearing program. These two should only be used a maximum of 3 times per week and no more than 1 time per 24 h period. 

For the other programs, you can use them almost daily. And the company recommends rotating between the treatments. Just make sure to always take at least one day off per week, to let your skin rest and process.

I personally like to use my ZIIP every second day.

Lip plumping with my ZIIP.
The more I use my ZIIP beauty device, the more I love it. The program options are extensive and can be combined to suit any skin concern.

I have no strict rule as to how often I use it and which programs I use.

How to use Nuface

The Nuface device is very straightforward since it only has one program of waveforms. You turn it on and besides adjusting the intensity, you’re good to go.

With the device, you’ll get basic instructions on how to perform the glides (super easy). And on the company’s website, you can also find instructions videos for both the basic movements as well as the advanced techniques. 

To work on your eye- and lip area you’ll need to switch the attachment head to the one that can target these small muscles. This ELE-attachment has a lot smaller probes and provides a lower strength on the current as well.

How I personally use my Nuface

Personally, when I did my Nuface treatments, I liked to always prioritize the advanced techniques (but I often do the glides as well). And I work my whole face for a total of about 20 minutes. That includes the eye area (above and under).

If I was in a hurry I only did the eyes and the cheeks. I found Nuface to be incredibly effective for my whole eye area. And I used to find it superior compared to my other devices when it comes to under-eye bags. But since discovering more programs with the ZIIP I now use that one almost exclusively.

When it comes to intensity, I always used the highest setting on my Nuface. Which is 335 milliamps (and 200 with the ELE attachment). 

How often to use Nuface

Nuface can and should be used 5-6 times per week. Which means almost every day. 

The company recommends that you start with using the Nuface 5 times per week for the first 60 days. And after that, you can retain results by using it 2 times per week.

I would personally recommend using it at least every second day though. Just as with the ZIIP.

Because microcurrent gives so much more than just muscle training. It also boosts your circulation and ATP production (meaning your skin cells will be more energized and promote more collagen and elastin). See this post for more information. 

In the beginning, when I only had the Nuface, I used it every day for 6 days per week (that is how I got sold on microcurrent!). And that is what I recommend you to do as well if you get this device. 

Prices and ZIIP discount code

Both devices are a bit of an investment. But if compared to different salon treatments they do become very affordable in no time. Since you can do the treatments as often and regularly as you want.

ZIIP [+ promo code]

The ZIIP Beauty device costs $495 with a bottle of the golden gel included. And $480 with the crystal gel included.

If you live in the US, I have a ZIIP promo code (ziipwithann) that gives you a 20 % off. Which means a saving of almost $100.

You find the product on this link. Just don’t forget to add the discount code ‘ziipwithann’ before you check out.

If you live in the UK you’ll get the same discount with the same code (ziipwithann) at Currentbody. And if you live in the rest of Europe or Asia, that link will give you 10 percent off.


The Nuface Trinity (with the ELE attachment included) costs $429. And you find it on Dermstore using this link. The trinity alone costs $315.

You will also find the Nuface mini on the same website if you’re not interested in being able to add the attachment for the eye- and lip area. The mini costs $199.

If you live in Europe you find Nuface on this link (Cultbeauty) with 10 % off your first order.

These links include Nuface money-back-guarantee. This means you can try the device for 60 days risk-free.


In short, here is my experience of the ZIIP vs Nuface.

  • Nuface was my first microcurrent device, and I used to love it big time. But after I started using my ZIIP more often I do feel it is more powerful in results. And it does a lot more than the Nuface can achieve.
  • Nuface has one program with one set of waveforms. Which targets the muscles (for lifting and sculpting). And it goes up to 335 microamps.
  • The ZIIP has 14 different programs and goes up to 400 microamps. It has many different waveforms and can work more specified on a diversity of concerns (and more effectively on different parts of the face).
  • The ZIIP also utilizes nanocurrent (in some of its programs). An even lower current than microcurrent and believed to give even better results in increasing collagen and elastin. And overall skin health.
  • I have found my ZIIP to give me better results with overall tightening and sculpting, lymphatic drainage, and skin glow! With that said, I still find the Nuface to be a great tool for lifting and sculpting. And it does give a great glow afterward.

If you want to try the ZIIP you find it on this link (USA). And you’ll get a 20 % discount if you use my promo code ‘ziipwithann’ before you check out.

If you live in Europe or Asia, the same code wiIl give you 10-20 percent off at Currentbody.

The Nuface can be found on Dermstore on this link if you live in the US. In Europe, you find it here (10 % off your first order). Both links include a 60 days money-back guarantee. So in case you are uncertain about it, you can try it risk-free.

I hope this helps! Let me know in the comments below if you have any more questions.

Also, once you’ve decided what device to chose, I recommend you see my post about conductivity gels for microcurrent. It will give you some great tips on how to save money on the gels.

I also suggest you read my post about sagging skin and nasolabial folds, and jowls and marionette lines. To get some more tips and wisdom if those are concerns of yours.

Until next time, love your skin!

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  1. julie

    This is such an informative post! I had no idea there were devices like this. I have never made skincare a priority, and perhaps I need to. I have skin issues such as hooded lids, mouth lines, thin lips, pigmentation issues such as darker spots due to sun damage. Would these devices help truly?

    1. Ann

      Hi Julie,

      Yes, for hooded eyes both devices will help. For mouth lines and plumper lips, the ZIIP will help. And for pigmentation issues, the ZIIP can help too since it has a programe for that concern. But I can not say how effecticäve that program is. I do know some people get their pigment improved by it but I have no personal experience of it :).

  2. Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

    This post is so informative and helpful. Thank you for including these tips. I received nuface as a gift and wanted some suggestions on how often to use and would it be less after a while. 🤗

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

    1. Ann

      Thank you Natalie, and good for you :). You start by using it 6 days a week for 2 months. Then you can maintain the lifting effect with once a week. But I recommend you keep doing it every second day after the 2 month mark, for optimal collagen production.

  3. Alejandra

    Wow, I had no idea devices like this existed.

    1. Ann

      Glad to inform 🙂

  4. Hi Ann,

    Ziip has two items, which one do you suggest mostly for marionette lines? The GX series or OX series? Thank you and you have beautiful skin!

    1. Ann

      Thank you so much Stacey! They are actually the same, just different colors and different gels that comes with it 🙂 For Marionette lines I highly recommend the program called jowls. You find it in the app once you have the device. It is an amazing program!

  5. Lana

    Hi Ann! Thank you so much for your posts, they are very interesting and informative! On your recommendation, I ordered ZIIP. Help me decide if I need to buy a Nuface Trinity too? Сan it be useful as an additional device?

    1. Ann

      Thank you so much Lana! No, with the new ZIIP programs there is no need at all for buying nuface :).

      1. Lana

        Super! So I made the right choice! Thanks a lot! 🙂

        1. Ann

          You’re very welcome 🙂

  6. Gina Abernathy

    Thanks for the information about ziip and nuface. Also, your skin is beautiful!

    1. Ann

      Thank you so much Gina! <3

      1. Connie

        Hi Ann,

        Again, I love this post. You mentioned that microcurrent stimulates collagen and elastin growth. Is retinol use necessary then in the anti aging regimen? Do you think microcurrent only can replace the use of retinol? Thank you!

        1. Ann

          Yes, good question! I would say that if you have to choose I would choose microcurrent. The important aspect is to use it on a regular basis 🙂

  7. Vickie

    My major concern is laugh lines. It separates my face 🙁
    Is ZIIP good for it. What kind of cream shall I use to massage?
    Also, is there any discount for Canadians or just a free shipping.
    Thank you,

    1. Ann

      Hi Vickie!
      ZIIp will for sure help. And I suggest their golden gel if you want to maximize the anti-aging effect. Even though it’s the microcurrent and nanocurrent that will make most of the effect.
      About the lines you mention it is hard to say if they are caused my loss of volume in the cheeks or maybe because you are a side sleeper? It can also be a combination of both. I suggest you read my post about nasolabial folds to learn more about the root causes.
      Not sure about Canadian discount. Try my code and see what happens. I hope it work for Canadians too 🙂

  8. Paul

    Hi Ann – thanks for all this info on these devices. I learned all about them reading various posts of yours. I’m definitely leaning towards the ZIIP, as that seems to be your new favorite, and it seems simpler then nuface and has many options. I think you mentioned somewhere that it helps with pigmentation and uneven sKin tone issues as well? Is that correct? I have a bad acne breakout from time to time, so I love knowing that it can work on that as well. So mainly I’d love to be able to smooth out my skin tone and make it just appear healthier and tighter/lifted while also targeting crows feet, and forehead lines/11s. Does the ZIIP seem to be the right choice for these issues? Thanks again for your articles. You truly introduced me to this world of microcurrent devices

    1. Ann

      Hi Paul! And great questions! Yes the ZIIP has so many programs, and one of them (called pigment clear) is targeting pigment issues specifically. I have not tried it out myself but I think it is a popular program. For the acne breakouts, there is another program that specifically targets acne. And that one is really powerful! For tighter and healthier skin, my favorite programs are lymph and lift, sensitive energize, and instant gratification. I also love the 11 program which targets the forehead only. I definitely think it is the right choice for you 🙂

  9. Martina

    Great post, thanks for sharing. Which one do you recommend for brow lift?
    I’m leaning towards buying ziip because it seems so easy to use, but not sure if it can address this concern as well as NuFace with ELE. What do you think?

    1. Ann

      Hi Martina! And thank you! I would say for brow lift I find them just as good. Ziip might even be a bit more powerful 🙂 For brow lift, I like to use instant gratification and the lift part of the lymph and lift program. The vital eyes program is good also 🙂

  10. Jessica

    My main concern is double chin Which one would you recommend for that?

    1. Ann

      Hi Jessica! Both devices can help. But I personally actually find that the Nuface targets that area slightly better.

  11. Amanda

    I love your posts and find them so helpful! I have a Myolift 600 and I love it for how I can use it on my 11s and forehead lines, but I otherwise find the two probes cumbersome and just don’t really enjoy using it for the general “lifting” features around jawline etc., so have been exploring getting a ZIIP and/or NuFace Pro (I am a bit of a skincare device junkie so I love trying out all the devices – much to the dismay of my wallet ha!- so I really want to get both! Do you find that you use your Myolift, ZIIP and NuFace? And if you do try and use them all, how do you schedule it? Particularly when it seems like for the Myolift and ZIIP you aren’t supposed to be using them everyday?

    1. Ann

      Hi Amanda! Happy to hear that you prioritize your skin! And I understand exactly, that is why I got all three of them myself 🙂 I do try to use them all. But I use the ZIIP the most since it has so many great programs and yet so simple to use. And actually very fun to use too which often makes me do many programs in one session. My skin loves it!!

      I have no schedule really. But I do like to treat my face at least every second day. But it depends on what time I have. Sometimes I do every day (but one day off per week). But that will then include days when I only do shorter treatments such as 15-20 min. If I do every second day I make sure to do the treatments longer, over 40 min :).

      I would definitely go for the ZIIP first. Since you then get the nanocurrent, the many different waveforms, and soo many options! Take my code for the discount and it will be 100 dollars less.

      Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

  12. I am always amazed when I read your posts! There are so many things out there that I didnt even know about and I love how you break it all down for someone who doesnt understand these things like me!

    1. Ann

      Thank you so much!! 🙂

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